Data Deduplication

Data Deduplication Solutions

Increase your organisation’s overall data integrity while reducing deduplicationoverall data protection costs

Reduce the amount of disk needed for backup by 50 percent or more

ITgility can help your organisation select and implement the best data deduplication solutions available to eliminate redundant data and reduce the required storage capacity.

Example: A typical email system might contain 100 instances of the same 1MB file attachment. If the email platform is backed up or archived, all 100 instances are saved, requiring 100 MB storage space. With data deduplication, only one instance of the attachment is actually stored; each subsequent instance is just referenced back to the one saved copy. In this example, a 100 MB storage demand could be reduced to only 1 MB.

Our solutions support variable block deduplication allowing maximum deduplication efficiency on a block level.

Benefits of Data Deduplication

  • Reduce amount of storage required for backups –
  • a typical customer can expect to reduce their storage needs by 70%
  • Reduce power and cooling costs via reduced storage requirements
  • Reduce network bandwidth requirements for offsite copies
  • Enable customers to retain backups longer on disk before moving them to tape or eliminate tape all together

Customisable Solutions
ITgility offers Data Deduplication a number of hardware solutions allowing ITgility to create a solution that matches your individual needs and requirements. Solutions are available for Backup and Recovery, Server Virtualisation, Disaster Recovery, Remote office support and others. We offer hardware solutions, such as Virtual Tape Libraries and Disk to Disk, as well as software based solutions.

Data deduplication is also finding its way into primary storage. Some of the largest savings have been realized through Server Virtualisation, with storage savings greater than 70%.

The Extra Edge

ITgility’s team of professionals can provide your company the extra edge with streamlined process, dependable delivery and subject matter experts to meet your service needs, including: solution architecture, business analysis, project management and more. Engagements can be limited to project discovery and scope, or expand as requested, up to full implementation with documentation and training.