IT Management & Governance Services

IT Management & Governance Services ( based on COBIT 5)

Organisations are increasingly being required to manage and govern their IT environments according to corporate governance requirements. King III provides guidance on the implementation of good practices for the governance of IT. COBIT 5 provides best practices in the management and governance of IT.

By working with our experienced and certified IT Governance professionals, your organisation has an opportunity to implement an enabling environment for IT governance best practices and ensuring that you achieve business objectives, manage IT risk and ensure compliance to requirements.

Our IT Management and Governance services are based on the principles of COBIT 5, a generally accepted best practice framework for the management and governance of IT.


What is COBIT 5?

COBIT 5 provides best practice guidance on the enterprise governance and management of IT. It has developed over more than 15 years of practical usage and application of COBIT by many enterprises and users from business, IT, risk, security and assurance communities. The major drivers for the development of COBIT 5 include the need to:

  • Meet stakeholder needs;
  • Address the increasing dependency of enterprise success on external business and IT parties such as outsourcers, suppliers, consultants, clients, cloud and other service providers to deliver value;
  • Manage growing volumes of information;
  • Manage increasingly pervasive information technologies;
  • Cover the full end to end spectrum of IT;
  • Generate value to the business through the use of IT;
  • Integrate various IT frameworks under a consolidated framework – thus recognising frameworks such as ISO 31000, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, and ISO 27001.

COBIT 5 Process Capability Assessment

Our COBIT 5 Health Check is based on the ISO 15504 standard . We will provide concrete findings, identify risks and recommendations for effective implementation of IT Governance best practice.

Remediation of process weaknesses

Our consultants will work with you to implement the required changes in people, processes, technologies and other enablers in order to achieve higher levels of process capability.

IT Governance Policy & Strategy Together with your management we will envision the intended state of the management and governance of IT, develop policy and derive an action plan to implement the capabilities.

Awareness and Foundation Training

Our training programmes are approved by APMG and may lead to full certification is exam is passed.

IT Auditing based on COBIT 5

Our certified auditors will audit and verify that the Management and Governance of IT is in place in your organisation.

What is the value of implementing COBIT 5 for my organisation?

By implementing It capabilities based on COBIT 5 standard, an organisation is able to demonstrate to its stakeholders such as its board, customers, government, and industry regulators that its management and governance of IT complies with international best practices and that it has a proven capability to manage its IT assets in compliance with stakeholder requirements.