TurboTune – Performance Tuning


CriticPath Software, Inc. (CPSI) and ITgility have joined forces in a strategic alliance to bring Software Products and Services to both companies’ Clients. ITgility will market and promote the TurboTune Suite of Products to their clients in South Africa.


Ease your batch window, dramatically reduce CPU consumption and recover DASD – Guaranteed.

Is your batch window getting squeezed? How about your budget? The challenge of managing increasing data needs with dwindling resources is at the top of every mainframe manager’s mind. Swift, reliable performance is essential to your organisation’s success, but in today’s challenging economic climate, most organisations simply can’t afford to invest in additional infrastructure.

If a mainframe upgrade is out of your reach, take a closer look at TurboTune, an optimisation service that helps you get more—much more—out of your existing system. For decades, this optimisation service has quietly and reliably enabled hundreds of Fortune 2000 companies to reclaim millions of dollars in CPU, I/O and DASD availability. In fact, most of our clients recover 10 to 15 percent of their annual mainframe budget by using TurboTune.
CPSI guarantee that you’ll see significant savings, too—or you pay nothing for the service.

30+ years, 600+ mainframes, 100% success.

Many mainframe managers find it hard to believe that so many MIPS can be recovered from systems they have already worked hard to optimise. But even the most experienced management teams can’t match 30+ years of dedicated mainframe testing and optimisation.

TurboTune brings expertise, metrics and insights from 600+ mainframe analyses to bear on your environment, revealing new ways to reduce consumption and free-up MIPs. That’s why we boast a 100 percent success rate in identifying high ROI adjustments for our clients.

How TurboTune works

The TurboTune service optimises your mainframe without requiring on-site software or hardware installation, so the process doesn’t affect or disrupt operations in any way.

Turbo compares every setting to an expert database, which can predict the percentage savings of every improved setting. Every improvement speeds up the mainframe and reduces the cost of processing. Turbo creates detailed instructions to implement the improved setting. No program code or logic is ever affected. Every improved setting is risk free and IBM standard. Simply put, Turbo improves the Performance settings in Mainframe Servers and those improved settings save millions of dollars for our clients.

The result is a customised, 100 percent accurate report that prioritises the most profitable system changes. TurboTune will then guide you in implementing changes that yield the greatest benefit for your organisation.

TurboTune fine-tunes your system by:

  • Cleaning up inefficient code
  • Setting efficient file parameters in control cards and JCL
  • Setting the exact number of buffers required—no more and no less
  • Reducing file contention/file sharing that degrades processing speeds
  • Tweaking utilities to eliminate overlap and reduce CPUs required
  • Eliminating unnecessary utilities to save processing time and licensing fees
  • Identifying development functions that can be removed from the mainframe

Our “Pay Nothing” guarantee

If TurboTune fails to uncover hidden savings for your organisation, you pay nothing for the service. It’s that simple.

TurboTune pricing is based on cost recovery, so if you don’t realise a significant reduction in overall I/O, CPU and DASD consumption within 6 to 12 months, you can tear up the invoice and walk away. There is absolutely no risk and no obligation. Because you pay only for the actual savings realised, you have nothing to lose, a guaranteed ROI, and potential millions to gain. Alternate finance models are also available.

Who will benefit from TurboTune?

TurboTune clients include Fortune 2000 companies in a wide range of industries around the world.

Key organisational benefits

  • Reduce batch window time and achieve faster processing speeds
  • Reduce CPU, I/O and DASD consumption
  • Reduce capital expenditures and operating costs by delaying hardware upgrades
  • Support greater employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Shave an average 10-15 percent off your annual budget
  • Try it risk-free: pay only if savings are realised

Claim your savings

Curious to see how much money you could save?

Contact us today for a no-charge first phase assessment. You’ll receive a tailored report that reveals how much you can save by implementing TurboTune’s optimisation strategies.

Our solutions are 100 percent guaranteed by our team of specialists.