EMC VNXe Series – Unified Storage (Entry Level)

An affordable unified storage platform for smaller businesses. The VNXe Series gives you automated, application-ready storage with solution-focused software that’s easy to manage, provision, and protect



The EMC VNXe series redefines networked storage for the small business to small enterprise user, delivering an unequaled combination of features, simplicity, and efficiency. These unified storage systems provide true storage consolidation capability with seamless management and a unique applicationdriven approach that eliminates the boundaries between applications and their


  • Compact 2U or 3U network storage systems consolidate all of your file and application data
  • Power-on to provision-ready in less than 30 minutes
  • Application-driven storage that works the way you do
  • Powerful provisioning wizards for the application storage you need in minutes
  • Unified management that provides seamless access to all of your storage
  • Advanced built-in data management features including thin provisioning, file deduplication, and local/remote replication
  • Seamless integration with VMware and Hyper-V virtualization
  • Latest 6-Gb/s SAS technology for expandability and performance
  • Comprehensive support ecosystem

VNXe Storage Paltforms

With scalability from six up to 150 disk drives and 450 terabytes of capacity, the VNXe series is ready to meet the needs of growing organizations with increasingly complex storage requirements. The VNXe3150™ is an ideal platform for businesses with physical server infrastructures, as well as those making the move to server virtualization to drive consolidation and greater efficiency. The VNXe3300™ includes all of the ease of use and application-driven management features of the VNXe3150, along with increased performance, scalability, and I/O expandability. Both systems share a comprehensive set of features including exceptional capacity utilization, data protection and availability solutions, and advanced support capabilities.

Storage Consolidation on your Terms

Deploying a highly functional shared storage system should be an on-ramp to efficiency for your IT infrastructure, not a roadblock to greater productivity. Too often, however, the increased capabilities of advanced network storage come at the price of new interfaces to master, new terminology to decipher, and new processes to learn. VNXe systems take a fundamentally different approach, aligning storage management with applications, avoiding arcane storage terms for plain language, and embedding storage and application best practices into the user interface for a faster, simpler user experience in completing everyday
administrative tasks.

Product Range

Maximum number of drives Drive types File: Number of X-Blades File: Protocols Block: Number of Storage Processors Block: Protocols Management and Base Software
EMC VNXe3150
100 Flash,SAS, NL-SAS Integrated NFS, CIFS 1 or 2 iSCSI Unisphere
File Dedupe / Compression
Thin Provisioning Snapshots
EMC VNXe3300
150 Flash,SAS, NL-SAS Integrated NFS, CIFS 2 iSCSI Unisphere
File Dedupe / Compression
Thin Provisioning

Drive Options

Software Suites

Data protection for business continuity, internal governance, external compliance, and security is quickly becoming a priority for small businesses to small enterprise users. IT generalists are increasingly challenged in meeting backup windows. They are also finding tape unacceptably unreliable for backup and restore. In addition, in today’s DAS environments, each application manages its backup independently with its own tape target making management of these backup functions increasingly difficult.


EMC has packaged unique and powerful add-on storage software into two attractively priced, easy-to-order software packs: Total Value Pack and Total Protection Pack available for the VNXe3150 and VNXe3300 respectively, ensuring maximum protection, security, and compliance. With this approach, VNXe software packs offer full capabilities to dynamically move, secure, and protect production data for unified block and file storage—all managed through
EMC Unisphere.


Local Protection Suite

Delivers point-in-time with snapshots for business continuity. Use copies of production data for development, testing, and other tasks.

Remote Protection Suite

Replicate remotely to protect production applications and data against localized failures, outages, and disasters.

Application Protection Suite

Automates application-consistent copies of Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Oracle for assured recovery.

Security and Compliance Suite

Protects data from unwanted changes, deletions, and malicious activity. File-level retention supports governance and compliance policies.





File Deduplication and Compression reduce up-front storage costs by up to 50 percent.


Get EMC quality at a reasonable price. Designed for high availability, EMC VNXe™ configurations start at less than $10K and include operating environment, replication, and management software.


Save operational costs by having the same resources manage applications and storage. 2U and 3U sizes are ideal for small businesses, branch offices, or under the desk.


Find answers quickly with our automated-diagnosis tools and one-click technical support features.


Run SAN and NAS together—all in one box. Hot swap components and expand storage volumes non-disruptively.


Storage plugs directly into the VMware vCenter™ management console providing seamless and simple management unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Avoid upfront “over-provisioning” and move toward on-demand capacity management with Thin Provisioning. Start small and grow storage just-in-time, thereby reducing total costs.


Reduce backup windows from hours to minutes with application-consistent, space-efficient snapshots and EMC Replication Manager. New Trier High School, an EMC customer, cut Microsoft Exchange backup time from five hours to 30 minutes.


EMC Unisphere connects directly to an online EMC Community Network site, enabling customers to learn from each other, share experience, and receive rewards and recognition for their efforts.



VNXe Video – Unisphere


VNXe Video – Storage Processor Failover-Failback

VNXe Video – File Deduplication and Compression

 EMC VNXe – Windows File Sharing


EMC VNXe Data Protection Part 1: Snapshots and Local Replicas


EMC VNXe Data Protection Part 2: Application Consistency and Remote Replicas

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