CI for Collaboration

Converged Infrastructure for Collaboration

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) solutions for collaboration carry all the key attributes of the UCP family. In today’sms-exchange business environment, collaboration messaging platforms are critical for keeping your company’s core assets – your people – productive and connected. Hitachi UCP Select for Microsoft Exchange 2010 is a flexible reference solution available from HDS that’s a completely tested and certified platform that is ready to go and grow!

Hitachi (UCP) solutions for collaboration are the best-integrated converged infrastructure platforms. They accelerate and enhance performance of the most-used collaboration applications, such as Microsoft Exchange. When so much of your organization’s budget is used to support fixed costs, these solutions offer business efficiencies and business value that you can realize via immediate deployment and greater workload throughput to improve business velocity and profitability. These integrated solution stacks offer quick time to value in deployments of collaboration messaging platforms.