CI for Data Warehousing

Converged Infrastructure for Data Warehousing

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) solutions for data warehousing combine Hitachi enterprise compute blades or hucp-data-warehousing-originalrack-optimized servers with Hitachi enterprise storage systems, as well as standard network infrastructure. The solution is for use in mission-critical databases, enterprise applications, data warehousing, analytics and business intelligence. Deploy mission-critical requirements for Microsoft® SQL Server® data warehouse read-intensive workloads.

Hitachi UCP Select for Microsoft SQL Server for data warehouses has low on-going management. System complexity is eliminated due to simple server-to-storage connectivity. Alternative solutions may need more hardware to achieve the necessary data warehouse performance requirements. The Hitachi solution reduces the risks of implementation delays compared with the traditional approach of sourcing servers, storage, networking and management software from disparate sources.