Unified Storage

Unified Storage Solutions

Our Unified Storage solutions allow you to optimise your data center, maximise storage assets, improve efficiencies, increase service levels, and reduce costs with industry-leading technologies and expert services.

Our solutions are designed for IT generalists with limited storage expertise, where it facilitates complete storage consolidation with advanced file and block functionality as well as a simple, application-driven approach to managing shared storage. Our solution includes optional software packs, to ensure that data is secure and protected.

These solutions provide significant advancements in efficiency, simplicity and affordability:


Store Multiple Data Types With More Flexibility & Balanced Scalability

ITgility helps customers manage critical business applications and meet growth requirements without compromising
performance, scalability or cost efficiency through unified storage solutions. Hitachi’s new Unified Storage delivers the highest in reliability so you can grow and innovate while controlling costs, by simplifying the management of your EMC-logovaluable information.

By consolidating separate file and block systems, EMC and Hitachi Unified Storage helps you save on your capital expenditure and lower your ongoing operational expense. Its advanced design and common management across all data types help further optimize efficiency. It delivers high value through a high-performance platform that is also integrated within an end-to-end management suite. It is part of an integrated portfolio of Hitachi products and vision to bring one platform for all data to the midrange.Hitachi_logo

Why Unified Storage?
Business Benefits Of Unified Storage

  • Scale system capacity to nearly a few PB without affecting performance
  • Meet performance requirements with a lower investment in storage
  • Automatically correct performance issues and provision more quickly
  • Use Dynamic Provisioning to pool and grow file and block storage for maximum flexibility without capacity limitations

Lower Total Cost Structure

  • Control rising capital and operational costs with efficient unified architecture
  • Consolidate file, block and object data for extensive cost savings
  • Simplify operations for all data types with one interface and consistent workflows
  • Streamline administration with integrated setup and management
  • Spend less time managing storage and focus on the business
  • Deploy and manage a predictable, scalable and flexible Microsoft environment

Meet Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • Meet SLAs with 99.999% data availability and advanced management tools
  • Deploy storage solutions that have been validated for application integration
  • Manage storage from an application management portal
  • Manage all  storage products from a unified interface
  • Perform system maintenance without interrupting host I/Os

The Extra Edge
ITgility’s team of professionals can provide your company the extra edge with streamlined process, dependable delivery and subject matter experts to meet your service needs, including: solution architecture, business analysis, project management and more. Engagements can be limited to project discovery and scope, or expand as requested, up to full implementation with documentation and training.