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The Power Of Storage Virtualisation

Virtualisation through a Dynamic Data Center can yield major benefits. Every company, no matter their type, size, or EMC-logoplace in the market, has two similar problems—the need to move faster and keep up with increasing demands.

So what can virtualisation provide?

With a Dynamic Data Center, rapid provisioning goes even further. New applications need additional storage space. Most companies may have a bit of extra storage, but usually must engage in aHitachi_logo lengthy process of procurement and installation. Through thin provisioning, storage can be obtained quickly and easily, rationing out space to share within a large pool. This allows IT staff to monitor and manage the pool, give applications and users the space they actually need, and respond with flexibility and speed to most business requirements.

Flexible Data Migration
Through the Dynamic Data Center, data can be transferred across different storage locations with ease and simplicity, allowing new additions to be made without complication.

Resource Consolidation
Storage virtualization in a Dynamic Data Center takes resource consolidation even further, cutting the need for excessive and inefficient physical storage machines. This allows you to make better and fuller use of the resources at hand, and cuts power costs and energy waste.

Improved Productivity
Through the Dynamic Data Center, IT has even more control over processes and data. Time spent manually moving information around is eliminated. Data can be easily copied, replicated, accessed, and moved, without interrupting workflow, resulting in increased productivity of IT staff, or less time required to manage the same amount of data.

Reduced Costs
Through storage virtualisation, organisations can realize cost savings through multiple means:

  • Less storage hardware. Reduce capital expenditures for storage by eliminating excess physical machines and reducing the amount of future machines needed.
  • Less data center space. Removing physical servers from your environment opens up data center floor space. Consolidating  servers can yield over 60 percent cost savings. Additionally, you can reduce the need for data center expansions.
  • Less time needed. With virtualisation, provisioning servers takes far less time, reducing infrastructure management costs, employee time, downtime, and more.
  • Less risk through disaster recovery planning. Reducing the number of servers through consolidation means fewer servers that must be restored in case of a disaster. Flexible data that can be moved easily from server to server and off site locations means shorter recovery times and reduced losses. This can mean the difference in major recovery expenses, and in keeping a business afloat.

Why Virtualise With ITgility?
Many IT consulting companies can create a virtualised server environment, but without integrated storage and network virtualisation, the solution will be incomplete. ITgility can architect a comprehensive infrastructure plan, working with organizations to create a customized Dynamic Data Center.

  • More expertise. ITgility’s ratio of technical-to-sales staff is greater than 2 to 1, a decided different over many sales-oriented service providers. The combined expertise of this large talent pool can work together to architect a strategic solution for your organization’s unique needs.
  • More experience. Since many of ITgility’s strategic technical team average over 15 years of experience, ITgility can provide ongoing continuity of service for your organization. Our strong practice management unit works alongside technical consultants to create a thorough, business- and IT-minded process.
  • More collaboration. ITgility consultants are very adept at becoming a part of the customer team, working side by side with your organization to jointly analyse, develop and implement strategic projects. The end result is a project hand off with documentation for your ongoing management of your own initiatives.
  •  More security. Virtualisation supports best practices for Disaster Recovery and Data Protection.

The Extra Edge

ITgility’s team of professionals can provide your company the extra edge with streamlined process, dependable delivery and subject matter experts to meet your service needs, including: solution architecture, business analysis, project management and more. Engagements can be limited to project discovery and scope, or expand as requested, up to full implementation with documentation and training.